A Wife Sought the Help of Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Specialists in Los Angeles for Building a Unique Home Wine Cellar as a Gift for Her Husband

A wine enthusiast needed help with her wine cellar cooling unit installation project. She contacted Wine Cellar International, one of Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles’ partners in installing and repair of HVAC systems. The wine cellar was her gift to her husband. Learn more about the efficient refrigeration systems and other features incorporated into the design.

Specialists in Los Angeles Installed a Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in a Stylish Wine Room

Building climate-controlled residential wine cellars is the expertise of Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles. We have been working with top-notch designers and builders like Wine Cellar International in providing innovative wine storage solutions.   

Determining the size and type of a wine cellar cooling unit requires the help of a knowledgeable company.     For this particular project, the client wanted to give the wine cellar as a gift to her husband, so she made sure that she was working with the right builder.  

After thorough research, she chose Wine Cellar International, knowing the company’s reputation and proven reliability in designing and building custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, and wine cellar cooling unit installation. She worked closely with Wine Cellar International to ensure that all of the essential components were chosen and installed carefully.

Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project Los Angeles
Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project Los Angeles
Working with US Cellar Systems in Selecting and Installing the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit
Wine Cellar International and US Cellar Systems Worked Together in This Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project Los Angeles
Wine Cellar International and US Cellar Systems Worked Together in This Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project Los Angeles

Wine Cellar International worked with US Cellar Systems in determining the most suitable type, model, and size of the wine refrigeration system for this project. They performed a heat load calculation to ensure that the equipment could provide maximum cooling efficiency required for the proper aging of the wines. They also considered the following factors: 

  • Location and size of the wine room   
  • Availability of an exhaust room 
  • The client’s budget 
  • Style of the wine cellar  

After gathering all the information necessary for choosing the right wine cellar cooling unit, Wine Cellar International prepared the room for the installation of the climate-control system.

Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems was Chosen by Specialists in Los Angeles for the Small Wine Room

US Cellar Systems is known for being one of the most reliable manufacturers of commercial-grade wine cellar cooling units in Los Angeles. For this particular wine room installation project, Wine Cellar International utilized the industrial style Split System, which was ideal for the size and theme of the room. They left the unit uncovered to blend well with the eclectic design of the home wine cellar.   

The evaporator was placed inside the wine cellar, between the ceiling joists just above the entryway. No space within the racking was occupied, allowing for extra bottle storage. Moreover, using the Split System also kept the noise at a minimal level because the condenser (noisy component of a wine cellar cooling unit) was placed outdoors.

Split Type Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by Los Angeles Master Builders
Split Type Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by Los Angeles Master Builders

Other Distinct Features of the Home Wine Cellar Aside from the High-Grade Wine Cooling Unit

Before designing the wine cellar, Wine Cellar International worked closely with the wife to gather relevant details about her preferred design for the wine display and storage area. Photos and images of the client’s dream wine cellar were sent to them.  

She incorporated designs inspired by the wineries they had visited in California. She wanted the home wine cellar to be built with a mix of rustic and modern elements, which would complement their high-end home.  

The team of wine cellar specialists visited the site, took measurements of the room, and determined the specific requirements of the client. They had to know the size of the bottles and types of wines in her husband’s collection, and the number of bottles intended for storage.

Custom Wine Racks

When you work with professional designers and installers like Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles and Wine Cellar International, you can expect that your space will have an amazing transformation. We use our creativity, experience, and passion for designing attractive and durable wine racks.  

Wine Cellar International created a custom wine rack design for the wine cellar according to the client’s specific requirements. They mixed various racking styles to create a unique display of the owner’s prized collection.

Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar with Efficient Cooling Unit and Stylish Custom Wine Racks
Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar with Efficient Cooling Unit and Stylish Custom Wine Racks
Cap-Forward Bottle Orientation and Display Rows

They installed custom wine racks made from a mix of brushed stainless steel and woodThe stainless steel railings in most sections store the bottles with the cap facing out. They included display rows that pitch the bottles at an angle.  

The wooden components of the wine racks grouped stainless steel wine racks into columnsThey are made of Mahogany, a type of wood known for its beauty and durability.

Square Display Boxes

The wine rack system also includes the square display boxes placed in between the columns. They were customized to showcase large format bottles and even pieces of artwork that the client wants to highlight.

Cigar Humidor and Table

Wine Cellar International also included a cigar humidor within the racking. It was lined with Spanish Cedar and equipped with weather stripping around its door to create a colder temperature inside the humidor.     

They also added a custom table at the center. The table was constructed using stainless steel with a glass top. To maximize the storage capacity of the wine room, they added railings intended for storing a few bottles below the tabletop.

Modern Custom Wine Cellar Door Installed with Sealing Components

Another elegant feature of this home wine cellar installed with a reliable wine cellar cooling unit is the French style doors with rustic wood trim.  From the family room, the client’s wine display can be seen without any obstruction.  

Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles and our partners in HVAC services have extensive knowledge in the correct installation of wine cellar doors. We understand that doors should be installed correctly to prevent temperature fluctuations and mold growth.  

For this project, Wine Cellar International equipped the door with sealing components to help the wine cellar cooling unit in creating the perfect wine storage environment. Installing weather stripping and an automatic door bottom would prevent the cold air from escaping the wine room and the warm air from interfering with the cooling process of the wine refrigeration unit. They also used thermally insulated dual glass panes to prevent moisture build-up inside the residential wine room.

Custom Door and Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Los Angeles Project

Work with Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Specialists in Los Angeles for your Home Wine Cellar Project

In this project, Harvest Custom Wine Cellar and Saunas has again proven their expertise in designing and building luxury home wine cellars. If you want to start your own project in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to contact us at (323) 825-9846!