Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems from Arctic Metalworks Used in Coastal Projects

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar offers innovative wine cellar designs and solutions for residential and commercial applications. They have been our partner in building refrigerated wine cellars for years. They work with Arctic MetalWorks, a top-notch manufacturer of wine cellar refrigeration systems. Learn more about the different projects completed by the Coastal team and the advantages of using the wine cooling systems from the Arctic team.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Works with a Wine Refrigeration Expert

Building a wine cellar requires knowledge, skills, and expertise. It is crucial to work with a company that has proven its reliability in designing and installing refrigerated wine rooms. Coastal Custom Wine Cellar, one of our trusted dealers in wine cellar construction, has helped homeowners create a safe and impressive wine storage and display area for their collection.

They are using wine cellar refrigeration systems from different suppliers. One of them is Arctic Metalworks, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-grade wine cooling units. In 1962, the family-owned company was established. It started as a manufacturer of climate control systems and eventually included wine room construction, renovation, and manufacturing wine racks.

The Arctic team aims to provide innovative wine cellar cooling solutions and build impressive custom wine cellar. They offer a wide array of wine cellar refrigeration systems to cater to the unique needs of each client.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Arctic MetalWorks
Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Arctic MetalWorks

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar collaborated with Arctic Metalworks in several wine cellar construction projects in California. They took care of wine cellar design and build-out, while Arctic supplied the climate control units, which are all ductless split refrigeration systems, and made with high-grade components.

With ductless split type cooling units, the condenser and evaporator are installed in a different location, resulting in a quiet operation. Learn more about these projects and get some inspiration!

Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project in Coto de Caza Orange County California 
Coto de Caza Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation
Coto de Caza Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation

In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar built a refrigerated home wine cellar under the stairs. Space constraints did not hinder theiteam from creating a beautiful wine room capable of creating the perfect wine storage conditions necessary for wine aging.  

After assessing the client’s requirements, they decided to use one of the ductless split wine cooling units from Arctic Metalworks. They placed the compressor on the rooftop to create an ultra-quiet operation and to keep any equipment from sight. They placed the evaporator inside the home wine cellar and concealed it within the racking using a lattice-style grill box and cover. They used the same wood (Mahogany) as the wine racks.

Aliso Viejo Refrigerated Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project

In this wine cellar refrigeration projectCoastal Custom Wine Cellar knocked down a large portion of a wall to merge the existing family room and garage to create a larger wine cellarThey also added unique features such as beer taps, stonework, and wine barrel tabletops 

To create the ideal wine storage environment, they prepared the room for refrigeration and installed Arctic’s ductless split system, which is known for its quiet and efficient performance. They placed the evaporator above the double door and concealed it with an operable louvered grill cover made of All Heart Redwood. The condenser, which is the noisier component of a wine cooling system, was installed in the yard at the side of the house.

Newport Coast Beach California Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Project

In this wine cooling installation project in Newport Coast Beach, Californiathe Coastal team created a design for a home wine cellar located next to the dining area. To keep the client’s collection safe, they insulated the room before installing the Arctic Aire Split System. They hid the unit in an operable grill cover within the wine racks on the right wall. They added a hinge to the panel cover so it would be easier to clean and maintain.

What are the Different Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Manufactured by Arctic MetalWorks?

When choosing the type of wine cooling system for your wine cellar, it is best to work with a professional like Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Arctic Metalworks. They will perform a heat load calculation to determine the capacity and size of the equipment needed for your project. They will consider the following factors to ensure that the unit suits your requirements.   

  • The size and location of your wine room 
  • Your aesthetic and functional requirements 
  • Availability of an exhaust room for heat dissipation 
  • Your budget 
Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation in Newport Beach, California

The ductless split wine cellar refrigeration systems by Arctic Metalworks are widely used in wine room construction because of the high-grade components, installation flexibility, and cooling efficiency. This type of cooling unit is recommended for those who do not want any unwanted noise coming from their climate control system.  

A split system allows the condensing unit to be placed outdoors, such as the garage, backyard, or any remote area. The evaporator, which is typically installed inside the wine room, will be connected to the condenser using copper tubing and electrical wiring. Arctic’s split non-ducted wine cooling systems are also known for their superior performance and quiet operation.

Work with Experts in Designing and Installing Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine will age gracefully if it is stored in a safe wine cellar environment. At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we care for your wines. We want them to age in an ideal wine storage environment installed with a reliable wine cooling unit. We collaborate with premier builders and refrigeration specialists like Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Arctic Metalworks in providing efficient wine cellar refrigeration systems. If you have questions or need help with your wine room construction project, please call us at + 1 (323) 825-9846.