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Boost the Aesthetics of Your Los Angeles Wine Cellar by Properly Laying Out the Right Flooring

Most people, when designing their wine cellar, spend a lot of time planning the type of racks they want, the layout of their lighting systems, and the kinds of decors to set up. Flooring is often taken for granted. The aesthetic value of a wine cellar can be increased with the right flooring material. Also, a properly laid out floor ensures that the temperature and humidity inside the cellar are efficiently and effectively maintained at the ideal levels. Our expert builders, here at Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, are well-experienced and fully trained in laying out and installing all types of flooring.

Preparing Your Los Angeles Wine Cellar for Flooring Installation

To build an ideal wine storage structure, many factors must be planned. Although commonly under-valued, the type of flooring installed in a cellar plays a vital role in both the aesthetics and function of the wine room. It is imperative for the floor layout to be included in the planning phase of any wine cellar construction.
It is important that the flooring installed in a cellar can support the contents of the storage area, which includes the racking system, the wine bottles, and all the furniture. Moreover, it is essential that the material used for the floor can withstand the humid environment in the climate-controlled structure.

To ensure the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar are maintained at the set levels, it is vital that the storage room is completely sealed. This is the reason why – besides the door, ceiling, and walls— the flooring of a wine cellar should also be applied with the right vapor barriers and appropriate insulation.

If the floor is going to be installed on top of the ground, the same vapor barriers and insulation used for the wall and ceiling should be applied to the flooring. On the other hand, if the flooring is going to be installed on a cement slab that is resting on the ground, the vapor barrier can be added to the cement only.

For an effective vapor barrier, we recommend the use of Bostic’s MVP4. This Moisture Vapor Protection product is applied using a trowel and left to dry. Once the material has dried, the flooring is then installed on top. You can find Bostic’s MVP4 in almost all local hardware stores.

Top Five Materials Used for Wine Cellar Flooring in Los Angeles

There is an assortment of wine cellar flooring options in Los Angeles. Make sure that the floor you choose matches the design of your storage facility. Do not use carpet or similar materials for your flooring because these are prone to the formation of mold and mildew. Additionally, you’ll have a tough time removing wine spills from this kind of floors.  

The top five best materials in Los Angeles for wine cellar flooring are:

1. Stone Flooring for Wine Storage Rooms

Stone is one of the most popular choices for cellar owners who want to achieve a traditional or contemporary design. The stones used can either be one or a combination of the following: brick, marble, and slate. You can opt to form these stone materials into a pattern or create a random design.

2. Los Angeles Wine Cellars with Mosaic Flooring

Achieve a more artistic design using mosaic floors. A mosaic flooring is made using various materials that are broken and fitted together to form a pattern or design. The materials often used are fine china, porcelain tiles, and stained glass. These materials are grouted on a mason board and sealed with a glaze.

3. Tile Flooring for Modern Wine Cellars in Los Angeles

Tiles make durable wine cellar floors. This kind of flooring material is highly resistant to scratches and is easy to maintain. You’ll find that tiles are offered in many sizes. Generally, they are sold in 12×12 and 6×6 sizes. Tiles come in a wide variety of designs as well.

4. Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Cork Flooring

Cork is an environmentally friendly material because it is made from the bark of cork trees. Only barks are harvested, and no trees are cut down, which means that the product is sustainable. Cork is great for wine cellar flooring because it is soft and durable. It also has natural insect-repellent properties. Cork floors are sold in tongue and groove pieces. These pieces are joined together and held in place using a molding.

5. Wooden Wine Barrel Flooring

Wineries that use oak barrels for storing wine do not throw away these wooden containers after using them. Instead, they are converted into many other useful materials, such as furniture, decorative pieces, and more. Reclaimed barrels can also be deconstructed and made into planks for wine cellar floors.  

A wooden wine barrel has three parts, which means that a cellar flooring made from this material can be one or a combination of these parts. The three main parts of an oak barrel are:

The cooperage is the wood on top and at the bottom of the barrels. These parts have markings and stamps on them, which were placed by the wineries for identification purposes. Wine flooring made from the cooperage of wine barrels are always unique because no two planks have the same marking or stamp on them.

The stave refers to the wood that makes up the sides of the wine barrel. Winemakers use metal rings to hold the wood together. These metal hoops leave an indentation on the wood. Wine cellar flooring made from the stave of wine barrels have an interestingly beautiful character because of these indentations.

The wood inside the wine barrels is called infusion. Its name is because the aroma and color of the wines stored in the barrels have been infused into the wood. The wood, therefore, has a beautiful wine color stain that adds drama to your flooring. Moreover, the aroma of the wines on the wood recreates a winery ambiance in your storage room.

Hire an Expert in Los Angeles to Properly Lay Out Your Chosen Wine Cellar Flooring

Our team, here at Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, has built hundreds of wine storage facilities in the past decade. We always make sure that all the parts of the cellar are checked, so that we can create a truly functional and dependable storage structure. Call us today, and we can help you decide on a flooring material that best fits your cellar. We’ll also help you lay the flooring out in your wine cellar. Click here!