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How a Small Space Turned Into an Eye-Popping Traditional Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

Another small space had a fantastic transformation with the help of experts in wine room design and installation. A client sought the help of Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles in turning her small room into a traditional home wine cellar. Her primary purpose was to have a place where she could show off her favorite vintages to her guests. With creativity and extensive experience in the construction industry, our team created a gorgeous refrigerated wine cellar for her few bottles. The homeowners fell in love with the wine racks!

Impressive Traditional Design for a Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

Space and budget constraints should not hinder a master builder from building a stylish wine cellar. At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we have turned many small spaces like closets into luxury home wine cellar.

In our recent project, we helped a homeowner transform a small space in their home into a gorgeous wine display of their favorite vintages.  The client’s home is located in Malibu. She informed us that she and her family are new wine drinkers and starting to collect a few wines and liquors. According to her, she wanted to have a room where she could showcase to her guests. Her small collection included tequilas and scotches. She also had cigars. Our team had to utilize an 8 feet x 7 feet space for building a custom wine cellar for home.   

We met up with her, and we listened to her needs and took into account every detail. We incorporated all of the features she requested and made the most out of her small space. She is a musician, and she plays music in her wine cellar. There is a little chair and a guitar inside the wine room.  

The lead-time to complete the wine cellar was six weeks. The wood racking initially took six weeks to ship, and the installation was done within two days.  

In the design we created for this home wine cellar in Los Angeles, we utilized the right and back walls for the custom wine racks. She wanted a traditional style wine room, so we installed a wood racking. Wood wine racks have a timeless appeal and add a warm ambiance to a space.

Small Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar Built by Los Angeles Experts with Traditional Features
Small Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar Built by Los Angeles Experts with Traditional Features

Wine Rack Features That are Suitable for Showcasing Wines in the Small Traditional Home Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

The famous wood species used by master builders for manufacturing custom wine racks are Mahogany, Redwood, and Knotty Alder. In this traditional home wine cellar project, we used Knotty Alder, which is known for its attractive knots and swirl patterns.  

However, these patterns are not evident because we stained the wood wine racks with rich Cherry color. The dark stain goes well with their home. Knotty alder wine racks are easy to work with, durable, and resistant to warping.

Custom Home Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Wine Racks and a Bent Ladder
Custom Home Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Wine Racks and a Bent Ladder
Incorporating Attractive and Functional Racking Styles Enhance the Beauty and Maximize the Storage Capacity of the Traditional Home Wine Cellar

At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we have been creating outstanding designs for home wine cellars for many years. Customization options will allow you to incorporate features that you want to make your design stand out from the rest. 

For this project, capacity was not a big issue for the homeowners. They were more after the look or wow factor.

Right Wall

The focal point of the wine room is on the right wall as you enter this small traditional home wine cellar. The wine racks are single-deep, and most of them have storage openings intended for the client’s wines, but we also included wine racks for her liquor bottles. The top section consists of a square arch with a tabletop at the center to provide a space for the owner’s wine accessories and accouterments. Moreover, the tabletop is also an excellent place for decanting, serving, and tasting the wines.

Around it, we incorporated the following bottle configurations:

  • vertical display racks for the liquor bottles  
  • horizontal display areas for the wines    
  • lattice diamond bins 
  • individual wine racks  
  • double high-reveal display row

We installed double-deep wine racks at the bottom section. Below the tabletop, you will find a drawer, a wine cooler, and single-column wine racks.

Back Wall

On the back wall, the top section of the racking consists of more lattice X-bins, individual wine racks, and horizontal display racks. There are also double high-reveal display racks in the middle, which display the bottles at an angle. We added single bottle storage at the bottom section. 

The end racking on the left of the back wall is a lattice curved-corner round wine rack. It was designed by the owner. It has five shelves, which provide a place for her accessories. She also placed a bottle of tequila in one of the shelves.

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder and Flooring

The ceilings were tall, about 8 to 9 feet, so we incorporated railings and ladder so homeowners can go up to the topmost section of the racking to grab a bottle.  

There are two kinds of wine cellar ladder, a straight and bent ladder. In this refrigerated wine cellar we built for a small home, the other wall has double deep wine racks at the bottom, so we utilized a bent ladder. We included railings, so it would be easier to move the ladder from one wall to another. 

The flooring is made of tiles and has a framed out area in green. It was something that they already had, so we kept it.

The Left Wall of This Traditional Home Wine Cellar Consists of a Curved Custom Wood Wine Rack
The Left Wall of This Traditional Home Wine Cellar Consists of a Curved Custom Wood Wine Rack

Wine Cellar Cooling and Other Features of This Home Wine Cellar

The client did not want a wine cellar cooling system, so we did not remove the wallsEven though the house was air-conditioned, we still recommended that it is best to install a wine cellar refrigeration unit.  

The reason she decided not to install a wine cooling system was the cost. They wanted to save money on this project, and they were just starting to buy and drink wines. We just added a wine cooler, which we placed within the racking on the right wall.   

If they decide to add a wine cellar cooling unit in the future, it will be tricky. I will have to remove all of the wine racks out of the room and insulate the walls and ceiling properly.

Do You Want to Build a Gorgeous Traditional Home Wine Cellar in a Small Space? Let Our Specialists Help You!

In this traditional home wine cellar built in a small space, Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles proved our team’s passion, creativity, and extensive knowledge. We helped a homeowner create a unique wine display and storage area despite space and budget constraints. If you have a basement, garage, or a walk-in closet that you want to turn into a beautiful wine cellar, you can talk to one of our specialists at (310) 751-2911.