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Residential Wine Racks

Never purchase low quality or mediocre wine racks if you do not want to see your wine bottles falling to the ground due to vibrationWine racks constructed from poor quality materials will pose a danger to your wines and cause a significant expense in the future. Mediocre wine racks will warp or shrink due to high humidity levels in your refrigerated wine cellar. Learn more about the importance of the quality and design of your residential wine racks.

The Best Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars

With various wine racks available in the market today, it is easy to fall into a trap. Never settle for less if you are not sure if that product is durable and functional. Some homeowners are easily attracted to wine racks that are on sale. Always remember to consult with a wine cellar specialist who knows the importance of choosing high quality and stylish wine racks.  

At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we use wine racks manufactured from exterior grade materials. We have wood and metal wine racks designed for residential wine rooms. All of our wine rack systems are engineered to provide a stable storage area for your collection. Additionally, we also make sure that your wine racks are visually appealing.  

If you are not sure what racking type and material suit your needs, please consult one of our wine cellar specialists in Los Angeles. With our expertise, knowledge, passion, and creativity, we are competent in determining and creating the perfect wine rack design for residential wine cellars.  

To help us choose the best wine racks for your needs, we will visit your site and ask you questions. We will consider the following factors to achieve a functional and stylish wine rack display in your residential wine cellar: 

  • The size and shape of your wine room 
  • The number and sizes of bottles you are planning to store in your residential wine room 
  • Your aesthetic preferences (Do you prefer a contemporary, traditional, or transitional style wine cellar? Do you want to hide the wine cooling unit within the racking?) 
  • Your budget
Elegant Custom Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars
Elegant Custom Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars
Wood Wine Racks: Why Master Builders Recommend Them for Wine Storage Rooms

The timeless beauty and desirable characteristics of wood make it one of the most favorite materials in building wine rack systems. Wood wine racks create a warm ambiance and traditional feel in your residential wine cellar. It is also easy to work with, allowing us to offer flexible design options to our clients. Our wood wine racks come with a 1.5-inch toe-kick base to raise them from the floor and horizontal dado spacer bars for sturdiness.

Wood Kit Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars
Wood Kit Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars

We utilize the following high-quality wood species in manufacturing wood wine racks: Mahogany, Redwood, Knotty Alder, and Pine. We offer different stains to achieve the overall appeal that you want for your residential wine cellar.

Kit Wine Racks

We have self-assembly kit wine racks, also called pre-made wine racks, which we recommend for beginners or those who have a growing wine collection. Our kit wine racks are cost-effective, making them an ideal wine storage solution for budget-sfavvy wine enthusiasts.

These wine racks are available in various heights (6-8 feet), depths (single, double, and triple deep), and styles. If you are planning for future expansion, it is best to opt for stackable wine racks. That way, you will not have to modify your existing racking to increase its storage capacity.

Some of the styles you can choose for your kit wine racks include:

  • Individual wine racks with or without a display row 
  • Arches with a tabletop 
  • Tasting tables  
  • Wooden case storage bins 
  • X-cube Bins 
  • Diamond bins 
  • Rectangular bins 
  • Waterfall display 
  • Curved corner 
  • Quarter round display 
  • Magnum/Champagne racks
Custom Wood Wine Racks: Recommended for Building Unique Residential Wine Cellars

We have had projects where we had to build a wine cellar in an irregular-shaped room, such as the area under the stairs. We had to install custom wine racks designed for the sloping ceiling.

Although customized residential wine racks are more expensive than pre-made ones, they are designed according to the measurement of your wine room, the number of bottles in your collection, and your aesthetic preferences.

You may choose to add personalized touches or features that will increase the aesthetic and functional value of your home.

Metal Wine Racks for Building Contemporary Wine Cellars

For many years, metal has been a favorite material in constructing modern interiors. If you want a contemporary wine cellar in your home, metal wine racks will suit your needs.

Custom Wood Wine Racks are In-Demand in Building Residential Wine Cellars
Custom Wood Wine Racks are In-Demand in Building Residential Wine Cellars
VintageView Wine Racks for a Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar
VintageView Metal Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars

One of our popular suppliers of modern wine storage systems is VintageView. All of their products are sleek, elegant, and durable. Their wine racks are designed with a label forward orientation and display the bottles as if they are floating in the air. You can choose the finish that you want for your metal racking.

Another benefit of using VintageView metal wine racks for your contemporary wine cellar is their installation flexibility. The standalone units can be installed even in the tiny nooks in your home. They also have wall-mounted wine racks, which are designed to bring your boring walls to life.

Ultra PEG Series Wine Racks

The cutting-edge design of Ultra PEG Wine Racks makes them in-demand in building modern residential wine rooms. The minimalist yet sleek design of Ultra PEG contemporary wine racks will make your wine cellar stand out from the rest.  

The bottles are held by durable metal pegs or rods, which are available in Chrome and Black finish. The pegs are attached to a backer board. The boards can be made of wood or acrylic.

Build a Stunning Residential Wine Cellar with Stylish and Durable Wine Racks

Are you looking for elegant and durable wine racks for your residential wine room? Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles offers innovative and cost-effective wine storage systems. We have been designing and installing beautiful home wine cellars in California for years. If you have questions or need help with your project, please do not hesitate to call us at 310-751-2911.