Which of These Luxury Wine Room Designs Suits Your Custom Home Wine Cellar?

These luxury wine room designs will captivate your heart and will entice you to you have your own. We collaborate with top-notch designers, builders, and contractors to create exceptional custom home wine cellars that can enhance the value of our client’s home and allow them to entertain friends in an elegant place. Check out these captivating residential wine rooms and get inspiration for your next project!

Feast Your Eyes with These Luxurious Designs Created by Our Experts in Building Custom Home Wine Cellars

Luxury interior designs are rapidly increasing in demand among homeowners who love to collect wines. Building luxury custom home wine cellars with elegant features offers many benefits, including the increased value of your residential property, a convenient place for your family and guests, and a safe wine storage room for your prized collection.     

Moreover, luxury custom home wine cellars create an emotional connection with the people inside and allow the owner to add personalized touches or unique features to make the wine room stand out.    

At Custom Wine Cellar Miami, we collaborate with premier builders to create stunning wine displays and storage areas for the home. Some of our popular dealers are Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. These companies have both proven their knowledge, expertise, and creativity in designing high-end residential wine rooms.

Luxury Custom Home Wine Cellars with Unique Wine Room Design
Luxury Custom Home Wine Cellars with Unique Wine Room Design
Luxury Custom Wine Cellar Design Created for a Home
Luxury Custom Home Wine Cellars with Unique Wine Room Design
A Small Custom Wine Cellar Designed for a Home in California Adds a Luxurious Touch to the Dining Area

In this wine cellar conversion project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar had to utilize a small area located in the client’s dining room.  The total depth of the wine cellar is only 20 inches. They installed wine racks that are 13 ½ inches. The remaining 6 ½ inches deep space was intended for browsing and grabbing a bottle to serve.  

Despite space constraints, the Coastal team came up with the perfect design for a luxurious custom home wine cellar. They installed floor-to-ceiling wood wine racks on the back wall to maximize the storage capacity and glass front for maximum visibility.

Stylish Custom Wine Racks Made from a Durable Wood Species

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar installed custom wine racks consisting of the following configurations:

  • Three bottles deep horizontal wine racks for large-format bottles  
  • Individual wine racks for standard bottles 
  • Display rows for displaying some of the owner’s bottles at 15-degree angle 
  • Lattice diamond bins for bulk storage, better wine organization, and proper airflow around the bottles 
  • Wooden case storage for storing bottles in cases
The Glass Doors and Lighting System Increase the Elegance of this Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Created for a Home

Including glass elements in a wine cellar helps create a stylish appeal. In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar installed two double Barolo style glass doors, installed on both sides of the glass front. The beautiful display of the client’s collection can be viewed straight from the dining area. The glass doors are framed in wood finished in Chestnut stain.  

They illuminated the wine room using an LED lighting system installed above the high-reveal display row and ceiling.  Aside from their ability to create dramatic lighting in custom home wine cellars, LED lights are known to be safe and energy-efficient.

This Luxury Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design Will Impress You

Another exceptional project completed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellar is this tastefully designed home wine cellar. Thecombined traditional and modern elements to create a design that never looks outdated

Upon entering this beautiful wine room, you will be greeted by the wood wine racks on the right wall and metal wine racks on the left wall. The Coastal team had to match existing cabinetry in the kitchen located across the wine cellar. They utilized Malaysian Mahogany to achieve this.

The metal wine racks were installed on a light-colored stonewall. Coastal Custom Wine Cellar stained the metal wine racks supplied by VintageView with Black Satin finish to complement the stone wall and add elegance to the custom wine cellar built for a California home.

One of the Most Impressive Luxurious Custom Home Wine Cellars Built in the Dining Room of a Home

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars again proved its expertise and reliability in transforming a small area in a dining room into a luxury custom wine cellar. The wine display area has seamless glass doors that provide a full view of the bottles cradled in the Float Wine Display and Racking System owned by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. These modern wine racks are made of high-tension cables and glass cradles. This wine storage system creates an illusion of bottles floating in mid-air.

Work with an Expert in Building Luxury Custom Home Wine Cellars

Are you dreaming of having a luxury wine room? Let our experts in designing and building custom home wine cellars help you! Custom Wine Cellar Miami works with Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in creating wine storage facilities with unique features. If you have questions or want to talk to a specialist, please call us at 323) 825-9846!