Custom Wine Cellar for Huge Wine Collections

Collecting wine is a hobby that more and more Americans are getting into. If you are thinking about starting a wine collection, you need to consider where to store said wine. Wine storage solutions can come in different forms. Some collectors opt to keep their wines in a wine cooler or wine refrigerator. If you plan to have a huge wine collection, or one that continually expands, you need more than a wine cooler unit. Having a residential custom wine cellar built is an ideal alternative.

Choosing the Right Wine Racks

One of the most essential aspects of a custom wine cellar are wine racks. Wine racks come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Choosing the right types of wine racking can be very challenging. Here are a few things that you should consider when picking the right wine racks for you:

1. Location

The first step in choosing a wine rack is deciding where to place it. One of the most common mistakes that people make is placing their wine tacks in the kitchen. Generally, kitchens are easily filtrated by sunlight, which can damage wines. The temperature inside most kitchens is also very unstable, which can ruin wine as well.

Before choosing your wine racks it is important that you have already selected where to have your custom wine cellar built. Ideally, you should have your home wine cellar built in the coolest part of your home, like your basement. There, wine racks are better situated to protect your wines from sunlight and changing temperatures.

2. Capacity

The next thing to consider when choosing wine racks for your wine collection is the capacity. How much storage space do you actually need? To answer this question, you must determine the amount of wine that you drink/will drink, and the types of wine that you prefer.

Before starting a wine collection, you should already have an idea of the amount of wine you intend to collect. Some people collect up to hundreds and thousands of wines. Also determine the types of wine that you intend to store, because some wine bottles are too large to fit in standard sized wine racks. Magnum bottles and champagne bottles require large wine racks.

Wine Racks Designed by Coastal
Wine Racks Designed by Coastal
3. Wine Rack Construction & Materials

In Los Angeles, California, most wine collectors opt to have their wine racks made of wood, but there a few racks that are made from other materials, such as metal and plastic. Metal and wooden wine racks are among the most durable and beautiful types of wine racks in Los Angeles, California. Metal wine racks are the strongest type, but wooden wine racks are more flexible. Wooden wine racks can provide more storage as well, because you can always add to them.

If you opt to have wine racks made out of wood, carefully consider what type of wood to use. Wooden wine racks in California can be made from various wood species, like Mahogany, Pine, Redwood, etc. You can also choose to have the wood finished in a variety of stain options.

Whatever material you decide to use for your wine racks, make sure that it is not only beautiful and functional, but also durable. Quality materials may cost a bit, but they are worth every dollar, and you will save more in the long run.

4. Style and Design

There are several styles to choose from, such as those that you can stack, and those that you can mount on the wine cellar wall. Among the various types of wine racks, horizontal wine racks are a few of the best. A lot of people think that vertical wine racks are a good choice for storing wines, but the truth is, they aren’t. Vertical wine racks are only good for those who intend to keep wine for short period of time. They are also alright for storing wines that are best consumed when young.

Horizontal wine racks are ideal for wine storage because they keep the wine corks moist by allowing the wine to be in contact with them. Corks need to be adequately moist, because if they dry out, they will shrink and allow air to enter the bottle. When wine comes in contact with oxygen, oxygenation occurs, and the flavor will be negatively altered.

Tilted racks are also among the types of wine racks that you should avoid using. They can dry corks and cause sediment to deposit too close to the corks.

Why are Wine Racks Important?

In order for wine to age properly, you need to provide the right temperature, humidity, light condition, and movement. Regardless of how long you intend to store your wines, you need to make sure that they are kept in a safe place. Although there are various ways to store wines, the safest and most ideal place is in a wine rack.

Wine Racks are an Investment

Wine racks can cost a lot, depending on the materials used and on their design, but they are a worthy investment. If you understand the need for having them, you will be willing to invest in them. Your wines are very valuable, and in order to protect them, you need to have wine racks built for them. Regardless of whether you are collecting wines for personal or commercial purposes, wine racks are the ideal storage solution for your beloved collection.

Types of Wine Racks in California

Custom Wine Racks by Coastal Custom Wine Cellar

There are various wine cellar and wine rack designers and builders in Los Angeles, California. In order to make sure that your wine racks are not only durable and functional, but also beautifully designed, have them constructed by competent wine rack designers. Coastal Custom Wine Cellar is one of the most sought after wine cellar and wine racks builders in California. For more information about their products and services, contact them at (888) 735-8889 today!