Custom Wine Cellar California Coastal Coto De Caza Falcon Ridge Project

Hi. Thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellar California.  My name is Jerry Wilson and I’m going to take you on a short tour today on our wine cellar design processes and actual projects that we have recently completed in southern California.  Actually it is in Coto De Caza.

This gentleman has a closet are underneath the stairway, we demolished the wall, we insulated it and we sealed it. We put up the moisture proof dry wall and in this photo that I am sharing with you we just wrapped up the painting, and in some subsequent pictures, we replaced the doors with full dual plane glass view. We put in Napa Valley Oak Barrel flooring which is quite beautiful and made an incredible statement for such a small area.

Now let us take a look on the wine cellar design California, as I’ve mentioned these are complementary, there are multiple pages including the plan view which you’re looking at and we will also look into elevations and 3D wine cellar design visuals. The total bottle capacity although in a small room we did managed to get 329 bottles storage.

Small Closet – Before Photo
Small Closet – Before Photo

Elevation A is directly across from the entry and there’s a diamond bin storage here for bulk configuration or storage I should say just above that is a single bottle storage openings which is called a high reveal display row.  The high reveal display row is actually laminated by some soft LED ribbon lights as well.

The right side wine rack is not of full height like the others are because of the stairwell and making it sloped and it’s turned down in this particular area but we were able to create this rack with the table top so he could set things down or even open a bottle of wine in the cellar if he wanted to. We have some wood case storage openings and that is what these icons are representing the wooden cases.

The left side wall as you enter, we have quarter round display shelves on the far left. At the top here this the wooden louvered grill covers that will conceal the fan coil. Label horizontal displays and some more bulk storage.

We will take a look on some 3D wine cellar design California visuals, overhead view. All in all it is a nice design considering the limited space that we have to work with.

Here is the picture of the wine storage that once it was installed we have the wooden flooring down here and the door turned out really quite nice and in this we are standing in the gentleman’s office peering into the storage area which is now a beautiful custom wine cellar in California. This is a mahogany stained or kind of like a cherry stained door if you will an operable wrought iron detail, operable means that the wrought iron is on a hinge and you can open it for cleaning purposes.

All in all it was a fun project to work with and we would certainly help you design and put forward your projects if you have one, you can reach us out by our website at or you may call me at (949) 355-4376. Cheers!

Custom Wine Cellars California Coto De Caza Project
Custom Wine Cellar California Coto De Caza Project