Types of Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures

One of the things that completes the aesthetic appeal of a custom wine cellar is the selection of lighting fixtures installed. Besides creating a beautiful ambiance in a wine cellar, lighting fixtures can also affect the climate conditions inside the storage room. Learn about the various options of wine cellar lighting fixtures in Los Angeles, California.

Wine Cellar Lighting in California
Wine Cellar Lighting in California

The Function of Proper Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine cellar lighting should be given utmost importance when planning out a custom wine cellar design. The following are a few of the reasons why wine cellar lighting is important in your wine storage room:

1. Protect Your Wines

Wine cellars are the ideal wine storage solutions because they can adequately provide the conditions necessary for wines to age properly. One of the factors that can negatively alter these conditions is the type of wine cellar lighting installed. Improper lighting can emit too much heat, which can damage your wine collection. Choose wine cellar lighting fixtures carefully to protect your wines from any potential damage.

2. Reading Labels

Wine bottle labels don’t just carry the name or type of wine, but also the value of a wine. A lot of wine collectors take pride in their wine, and in order to show it off to guests, their labels should be visible in a wine cellar. Proper wine cellar lighting provides ample light for reading wine labels without exposing them to excessive heat that can damage the wines.

3. Providing Ample Light to Move Around

Besides light for reading wine bottle labels, wine storage rooms also need proper wine lighting to provide light to move around the cellar. Good lighting is necessary especially when wine tastings are being conducted inside the custom wine cellar. It is recommended to have a dimmer switch installed, so that wine cellar owners can easily raise or lower the level of lighting as needed.

4. Creating an Ambiance

Wine cellar owners invest in beautiful wine cellar lighting fixtures because they want to make their wine storage room more aesthetically pleasing. Wine cellar lighting creates a beautiful ambiance in a custom wine cellar, and makes the overall design more appealing to guests.