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Contemporary Wine Racks

Are you looking for a wine room design that will add a luxurious appeal to you home, hotel, restaurant, bar, or wine store? Our contemporary wine racks will bring your space to a new level! Combining our elegant metal wine rack systems with glass elements can transform any boring room into a standout wine storage and display area.

Exceptional Wine Display with High-Quality and Elegant Contemporary Wine Racks

Residential or commercial wine rooms with a modern design are continuously increasing in demand. At Custom Wine cellar Los Angeles, our high-end contemporary wine racks are popular for their style and elegance.

We have been building minimalist style wine cellars for many years now. Our metal wine storage systems have proven to offer numerous benefits.

Create a Luxury Wine Cellar with Our Contemporary Wine Racks

Contemporary wine racks are made from metal, a popular material for creating minimalist yet luxury wine cellars. Metal wine rack systems look elegant and can bring any space to a higher level, making them widely used by architects, designers, builders, and contractors.

Contemporary Wine Racks Designed with Elegance by a Wine Room Specialist
Contemporary Wine Racks Designed with Elegance by a Wine Room Specialist
Blends Well with Any Existing Décor

If you have a traditional or modern style home or business establishment, our stylish contemporary wine racks will impress you and your guests. You do not have to worry because metal racking blends well with any décor.

Provides Easy Access and Convenience in Locating Your Wines

Most of our contemporary wine racks are designed with a label-forward orientation to locate a specific bottle of wine quickly. Spotting a specific bottle will be easier if the labels are facing out. You do not have to flip a bottle of wine to see its name and description, preventing the sediments from being disturbed.

Moreover, the label-forward configuration of our metal wine racks makes wine management, and inventory less cumbersome because it makes it easier to spot a bottle of wine.

Allows for Maximum Storage Capacity without Compromising the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Wine Cellar’s Overall Design
Contemporary Wine Racks Mixed with Wood Racking for Maximum Storage Capacity
Contemporary Wine Racks Mixed with Wood Racking for Maximum Storage Capacity

Maximizing the storage capacity of a wine room is of utmost importance to us. It is the reason why we recommend contemporary metal wine racks for projects where space is limited.  

Our metal wine storage systems are ideal for narrow rooms. They can also be perfect for small corners in your home, restaurant, or wine store. At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we offer custom wine racks to meet the unique requirements of every project.  

For medium to large commercial wine cellars, high-density contemporary wine racks are recommended to provide clients with many wine choices. The more wines you display, the more the chance of purchase will be.

Design Flexibility is Another Advantage of Our Contemporary Wine Racks

One of the factors that you must look for in a wine storage system is design flexibility. Our contemporary wine racks are available in various designs to fit your aesthetic and functional needs.

We have modular contemporary wine racks for those who are looking for a more affordable wine storage solution. Custom wine racks are suitable for those who are not on a tight budget and want to incorporate personalized and unique features into their wine room design.

Our contemporary wine racks are supplied by VintageView, Millesime, and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. We have been using the sleek wine rack systems from these top-notch manufacturers for years. The positive reviews from new and repeat clients are proof that their products and services are exceptional. We work with specialists to design and install modern wine rooms like Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.

VintageView Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Cellars

VintageView is a premier manufacturer of contemporary wine racks. Their wine storage systems help us to create captivating wine displays. We have installed them in wine storage rooms located under the stairs, in a garage, and closet.

Striking Custom Wine Cellar Built in a Home with Contemporary Wine Racks from VintageView

This wine cellar was built in an unused room of a home. The client wanted a wine storage and display area with a minimalist and sleek appeal.  

To achieve this, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar installed floor to ceiling contemporary wine racks from VintageView. The metal racking in Black Chrome finish holds the bottles with sophistication, creating an illusion of bottles floating in the air. It was intended to cradle standard and magnum bottles.

Millesime Contemporary Wine Racks

Another way to create an attention-grabbing wine display is by utilizing Millesime contemporary wine racks. There are various standard units to cater to your design and space requirements.  

This type of wine storage system uses anodized aluminum rails and support posts, and wood or acrylic end blocks.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Built a Beautiful Contemporary Home Wine Cellar with Millesime Wine Racks

In one of their projects, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to transform a tiny space under the stairs into a sleek wine room. They utilized single-depth contemporary wine racks from Millesime.

They chose acrylic end blocks to blend well with the glass door and walls. The bottles are stored in a label-forward configuration. With the labels facing out, it will be easier to find a bottle of wine.

Millesime wine racks are also perfect for a small wine room like this. They are space-efficient and easy to be configured to fit your requirements. They are available in various depths, widths, and heights.

VintageView Contemporary Metal Wine Racks for Your Home Wine Cellar
VintageView Contemporary Metal Wine Racks for Your Home Wine Cellar
Millesime Contemporary Metal Wine Racks are Perfect for Your Home and Commercial Wine Cellar
Millesime Contemporary Metal Wine Racks are Perfect for Your Home and Commercial Wine Cellar

Need Help Designing Your Wine Cellar with Contemporary Wine Racks? We Will Help You!

Let us transform that boring room or wall into an elegant wine cellar with contemporary wine racks! Our metal wine storage systems are made from high-quality materials and designed to create exceptional wine displays.  

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