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Commercial Wine Racks

Our commercial wine racks allow wine shops and businesses in the hospitality industry to display their products in a captivating way. Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles designs wine storage systems intended to attract potential customers and generate wine sales. Let us know your preferences, and we will build a safe and unique commercial wine cellar utilizing stylish racking.

Sell More by Displaying Your Wines in Magnificent Commercial Wine Racks Designed by a Specialist

Exquisite wine displays play a significant role in achieving the overall appeal of your commercial wine cellar and the atmosphere that you want to create. Moreover, the way you present and organize the wines in your commercial establishment has a big impact on sales generation. 

Therefore, design elements in your commercial wine rack design should be planned and well thought out. As a specialist in the construction of commercial wine cellars, we understand what we have to do to reach your sales goals.  

When designing a commercial wine rack design, there are many factors to consider. At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we make sure that every wine storage system we create fits your requirements and creates a presentable and organized wine display.   

Utilizing our high-quality commercial wine racks and mixing different designs to suit your needs will help drive more sales to your wine business. Wood, metal, and glass components are widely used in commercial wine cellar construction.

Elegant Commercial Wine Cellar Racks
Elegant Commercial Wine Cellar Racks
VintageView Wall and Retail Wine Racks
VintageView Wall and Retail Wine Racks
Metal Commercial Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Storage Rooms

In our previous projects, most of our clients chose metal wine racks for their commercial wine cellar. Metal is a popular material used in manufacturing wine racks. It is known for its ability to go well with any theme in your retail store or dining establishment.

Moreover, metal commercial wine racks add elegance and a luxurious appeal to wine storage rooms. Their sleek appeal makes them in-demand in high-end wine storage rooms. Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles offers freestanding and wall mounted wine racks from different manufacturers.

VintageView Metal Wine Racks

VintageView has been providing effective wine storage solutions to commercial wine cellars for many years. Their modern racking systems are perfect for creating innovative wine cellar designs. Their wall-mounted wine racks are ideal for showcasing wine bottles in small or narrow spaces. You may opt for freestanding or standalone commercial wine racks if space is not an issue.

VintageView’s Evolution, Wall Series, Floor-to-Ceiling, and Vino Pins wine rack systems are designed with a label-forward configuration. These wine storage units display the bottles with the labels facing out. Among them, the Vino Pins Series is the only one that makes use of acrylic pins to hold the bottles.

The advantage of this type of bottle orientation is the convenience and ease of locating a specific bottle of wine. Your guests or customers will not spend much time in looking for their favorite vintage.
We also offer VintageView’s Vino Rails commercial wine racks. These wine storage systems make use of durable supports that hold the bottles securely. They are the perfect option for clients who want to incorporate a cork-forward wine rack system into their commercial wine cellar design.

The rods are slim, making them hardly visible to the naked eye. If you want a floating effect of bottles in your commercial wine cellar, choose Vino Pins and Rails. VintageView’s Case and Crate Wine Bins are suitable for storing bulk wines in commercial wine cellars. They come with lockers for security purposes.

Ultra PEG Series

At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we also have had clients who preferred the Ultra PEG Series commercial wine racks. Like VintageView’s Vino Rails, Ultra PEG Series wine racks are also designed to hold the bottles with the cork or cap facing out. The stainless steel rods are attached to a backboard panel, which is available in different finish options.

Degré 12 Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks

Another excellent option for building stylish and functional commercial wine cellars is the Degré 12 Modular Classic Series racking system. These wine storage units are available in six height options to accommodate your requirements. You may opt for trays to allow easy access to your wines.

When you choose these commercial custom wine racks, they will be assembled on site. They can be placed almost anywhere in your wine room.

Wood Commercial Wine Racks

If you are budget-savvy but still want to have an enticing wine display in your bar, hotel, restaurant, or wine store, we recommend our kit wine racks. They are pre-made commercial wine racks that are available in various styles, widths, and heights. 

If you want a unique and personalized commercial wine cellar, customizing your racking system is a smart idea. With this option, you can make your wine display stand out from the rest and attract customers to buy your wines!  

Moreover, custom commercial wine racks will be designed according to your exact requirements. They will be constructed according to the size and shape of your wine storage room. You can add stylish features such as murals, wine bars, wine barrels, wine cabinets, and drawers.

Degre 12 Commercial Wine Racks are Ideal for Massive Wine Storage
Degre 12 Commercial Wine Racks are Ideal for Massive Wine Storage
Commercial Wine Racks Made from High Grade Wood Species
Commercial Wine Racks Made from High Grade Wood Species

How a Specialist Designs Commercial Wine Racks to Reach Your Sales Target

Our design specialists in Los Angeles recommend high-density commercial wine racks so you can display a wide range of wines. Giving a variety of options to your customers will result in a higher chance of purchase.  

We also want to maximize the space of the commercial wine cellars we are working with. To achieve this, we utilize double and triple deep commercial wine racks to increase the capacity of your wine room commercial wine cellars 

The most common high-density wood wine racks we use in commercial wine cellar construction are retail stacker, rectangular bins, diamond X-bins, double aisle, and triple aisle wine racks. For metal racking, VintageView Case and Crate Wine Bins and Degré 12 Classic wine racks are ideal for creating high-density wine displays.

One of Our Specialists Will Help Boost Your Wine Sales with Stylish Commercial Wine Racks

Do you need help with increasing your wine sales? Work with Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, and we will design attractive commercial wine racks for your business. For many years, we have been building high-end commercial wine cellars designed to boost wine sales. Please call us at + 1 (310) 751-2911 today and talk to one of our specialists.