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Commercial Wine Cellar

 A mediocre wine display will not help boost your wine sales. For many years, Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles has been helping hoteliers, store owners, and restaurateurs in building an impressive commercial wine cellar. We create practical and eye-catching wine racks to attract the attention of potential customers. Learn more about how working with a  wine room design specialist can benefit you and your business.

Increase the Profit of Your Business by Building a Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar with the Help of a Design Specialist

In a hospitality setting, businesses that sell wine have many ways to market their products. The most common strategies include promoting their products through ads on social media, TV, radio, and magazines, while others offer freebies or discounts.  

One of the effective ways to generate sales is by creating eye-catching and organized wine displays in your hotel, bar, restaurant, or retail store. As a wine cellar specialist in Los Angeles, our team has extensive experience and knowledge in creating wine storage systems that are efficient, functional, and visually appealing.  

We have designed and installed stylish commercial wine cellars intended to increase the profit of our client’s business. Also, keep in mind that you must ensure that your wines are always in their best condition.

Commercial Wine Cellars Designed by Los Angeles Specialists
Commercial Wine Cellars Designed by Los Angeles Specialists

How an Attractive and Unique Commercial Wine Cellar Can Help Boost Wine Sales

Tastefully Designed Commercial Wine Cellars Can Boost Wine Sales
Tastefully Designed Commercial Wine Cellar Can Boost Wine Sales

At Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles, we will design your commercial wine cellar according to your needs. After making a thorough assessment of your requirements, we will plan the construction of your wine display and storage area carefully.  

We always take time to think about the perfect design for your commercial wine cellar  We will consider the following factors to ensure that all of your requirements are met: 

  • Size and location of your commercial wine cellar 
  • The number of bottles you intend to store and display 
  • The existing theme of your establishment 
  • The ambiance that you want to achieve 
  • Your personal preferences 
  • Your budget

Your wine rack system plays a significant role in generating sales. It must be visually appealing and stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Remember that an attractive presentation will entice customers to check out your wines on display, which can result in a purchase. Also, keep in mind that a compelling wine display will create an impression that you are selling high-quality products.

Wine Rack Design with Stylish Commercial Wine Cellar Racks

Combining different styles of wine racks to create a striking wine display will help us build an inviting commercial wine cellar. We have pre-made and custom wine racks. You may combine both to achieve semi-custom wine racks. Our top-notch wine cellar specialist in Los Angeles will help you with choosing the best type of commercial wine racks for your needs.

Pre-Made Commercial Wine Cellar Racks

Our pre-made commercial wine racks are also called kit wine racks. They are made from high-quality wood species, including Mahogany, Redwood, Alder, and Pine.  

They are available in various sizes and styles. The simple racking styles include single bottle, column, and rectangular storage wine racks. We mix them with diamond bins, X-bins, waterfall wine racks, high-reveal display rows, retail, and aisle wine racks.  

The kit wine racks are less expensive than custom wine racks. You cannot customize the size nor add custom features to your racking. However, our creative wine cellar specialist will ensure that the design of your commercial wine cellar will have a ‘custom’ look.    

We also have ready-made metal wine racks, which are ideal for building your contemporary commercial wine cellar. Our lines of metal wine racks are supplied by trusted manufacturers: VintageView, STACT Wine Displays, Inc., and Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars.

Kit Wine Racks for Commercial Wine Cellars Recommended by Wine Room Design Experts
Kit Wine Racks for Commercial Wine Cellars Recommended by Wine Room Design Experts
Commercial Custom Wine Racks Designed to Boost Wine Sales

Custom wine racks are highly recommended for those whose budget is not limited and who want to incorporate personalized features into their commercial wine cellar design. We have wood and metal custom wine racks.

An Attractive Commercial Wine Cellar Display
An Attractive Commercial Wine Cellar Display
The Advantages of Displaying Your Wines in Custom Wine Racks in Your Commercial Wine Cellar

For wood custom wine racks, you can add several features to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your commercial wine cellar. You may request our wine cellar specialist to add a cigar humidor, cabinets, drawers, shelves, or any feature that you think will enhance the beauty of your wine storage space.       

The width, height, and depth of our VintageView metal wine racks can be customized according to your needs. These wine storage systems are in-demand in building contemporary commercial wine cellars in Los Angeles. We also offer Vino Pins and Rails, which make use of durable pegs and rails to hold your bottles securely on the wall.  

For STACT wine racks, aluminum and anodized supports are arranged on a panel mounted on the wall. You can decorate dull walls in your commercial establishment with STACT wine racks and create a focal point in your commercial wine cellar.  

Wine storage systems from Ultra Wine Racks are popular for their sleek appeal and efficiency. The stainless-steel pegs are lightweight and can easily be arranged to create a dramatic wine display in your commercial wine cellar.

Sell High-Quality Wines Stored in a Refrigerated Commercial Wine Cellar

Another vital factor to consider when building a commercial wine cellar is its proper wine storage. Technical skills are required to do this job the right way. 

You must have your wine storage facility constructed by an expert. Wines require a stable environment to age properly. To create the optimum conditions necessary to preserve your wine’s desirable characteristics, you must ensure that your commercial wine cellar is constructed the right way. 

The correct wine cellar refrigeration unit must be installed to achieve the ideal temperature and humidity levels inside your wine room. Failure to do so will spoil your wines.

You do not want any of your customers to buy a ‘bad wine’ from your store, or else, your business reputation will be affected. At Custom Wine Cellar in Los Angeles, we utilize high-grade wine cooling systems from Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, US Cellar Systems, and CellarPro. These manufacturers are experts in providing HVAC services.

Examples of Commercial Wine Cellars Installed by Wine Cellar Specialists in Los Angeles

We have been working with top-notch designers and installers of commercial wine cellars in Los Angeles. They always exceed the expectation of their clients. Please see some of their successful projects below:

Let Our Specialist Build a Commercial Wine Cellar for Your Business!

Would you like to increase your wine sales? Why not invest in a unique and refrigerated commercial wine cellar equipped with an efficient wine cellar refrigeration unit? Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles will help your business to generate sales by creating eye-catching wine displays. Are you planning to start your project? Please call us at (310) 751-2911!