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A Stunning, Modern Glass Residential Wine Cellar in a Manhattan Beach Home

Designing and Building a Glass Residential Wine Cellar

The dining room in any home is a place where people gather to eat, talk, socialize, and gather with family and friends, as well as colleagues and associates. It’s a venue for exchanging ideas, and a central location in your house. It’s often one of the first locations a visitor will see when they pay a visit.

With that in mind, wouldn’t you want your dining room to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests? A great way to do that is by installing a glass residential wine cellar, as we recently did for one of our clients.

Designing and Building a Glass Residential Wine Cellar

A client asked us to build a glass enclosed wine cellar in the dining room of his Manhattan Beach home in Los Angeles County. It was a challenging project for the team, but our client’s reaction to the finished wine cellar made all the effort worthwhile. We were able to transform an attractive but unremarkable dining room into a modern and contemporary piece of functional art.

What were the impediments for the glass dining room wine cellar project?

wine bar and a beam were already on the spot where the contemporary wine cellar is currently located before the project started. We had to demolish the countertop and the flooring to make room for the wine cellarThe limited space was an obstacle for installing the cooling system. The team at Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellar has proven to countless clients our dedication to each project. We provide solutions to our clients’ specific wine cellar needs.

This glass wine wall is the perfect complement to this elegant dining room
This glass wine wall is the perfect complement to this elegant dining room.
These contemporary wine racks from VintageView are the perfect choice in this glass wine display.
These contemporary wine racks from VintageView are the perfect choice in this glass wine display.
Glass Dining Room Wine Cellar Racking System

The racking system was the easiest and most straight-forward part of the construction process. We used a Black Satin Vintage View Racking System for this project. The wine cellar has a capacity of 900 bottles. That number includes storage for 33 magnum sized bottles on each end of the wine cellar. The team installed three-deep, label-forward wine racks from Vintage View on the front, and single-deep, label-forward racking on the back.

Glass Panel Installation for the Manhattan Beach Wine Cellar

Single-pane frameless glass was used for all areas of this small wine storage room built by a California specialist. We built the glass panels on a matte black u-channel for the top and bottom to stabilize it. The team inserted insulation materials in the u-channel to aid in the cooling of the wine cellar.

We used two fixed, frameless glass panels on the back-end side of the wine cellar. For the front display side of the wine cellar, we installed 2 pairs of equal doors with pivot hinges and steam seals. The opening of the movable glass panels spans 148 inches by 96 inches.

The Cooling System in the Glass Dining Room Wine Cellar

Temperature in Manhattan beach can regularly reach into 80oF and higher. The optimum temperature range for wine storage is between 45oF to 64oF. Room temperature exceeding that range could cause premature spoiling of your wine. So, it’s practical to have a refrigerated glass wine cellar for this project.

Installing the cooling system for this project is a dilemma because of the limited working space we had to work with. We coordinated with Dan at US Cellar Systems. And his company created a customized split cooling system unit that would fit for the project.

US Cellar Systems provided the cooling unit for this unique dining room wine cellar.
US Cellar Systems provided the cooling unit for this unique dining room wine cellar.

The team installed a LPQ 12000 TE Split Cooling System from US Cellar Systems, a cooling system with 12,000 BTU and 1 ½ horsepower, for this project. We did this to compensate for the lack of total vacuum capability of the project because there were air gaps within the glass panel. Mounting the cooling system in the ceiling above the wine cellar allowed us to keep it hidden and out of sight.

The Insulation System in the Residential Glass Wine Wall

Spray foam insulation with vapor barrier was applied within the U-channels and the ceiling of this small wine storage room to maximize the insulation of the wine wall in the dining room. Application of spray foam is essential for this glass wine cellar built in a modern home. The heat index in Manhattan Beach could skyrocket around August and plummet by December annually. Abrupt fluctuations in humidity and relative temperature could cause premature aging/spoiling of your wines. Spray foam application on the cellar’s cavity eliminates this risk.

Lighting System of the Refrigerated Glass Wine Cellar

LED spray can were installed strategically throughout the cellar to highlight the client’s wine collection. Light coming from the traditional fluorescent bulb emits ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are known to ruin the flavor and quality of the wine if it passes through the bottle. That’s we decided to use LED lights for this project. It’s energy efficient and poses no threat to your wine collection.

Who can benefit from a glass-enclosed wine cellar in their home?

If you want something modern, beautiful, and new to add life to the dining room in your home, a glass-enclosed refrigerated wine cellar could be the perfect solution.

Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles has been able to work on some incredible wine storage projects. And each project we work on is as unique as the clients we work with. Every job has its own challenges and obstacles, and this glass-enclosed dining room wine cellar was no exception.

If you’d like to add something like this to your dining room, or to any other area in your home or business, we’d love to help! A refrigerated residential wine cellar like this one will protect your valuable wine collection from harsh humidity and temperature fluctuations, while at the same time making your home more attractive for yourselves or for when it’s time to entertain guests.

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